Nursing Home Services

LaPointe-Fisher Nursing Home provides many services to make our residents enjoy themselves and feel more at home. We offer special services including visits from daily Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Foot Care, dental care and hair care. Our meals are nutritious and are prepared with each individual resident in mind. Come and share a meal with your loved one.


A Personal Touch

The Home is pleased to supply personal grooming items to our residents. We have chosen quality products for the residents when they engage in bathing and hygiene. Our wound care program addresses the needs of residents on a daily basis and stresses the preventive measures to stop a wound before it even begins. All other services provided under the Ministry of Health Long Term Care legislation are available to every resident of the Home.

The Home provides on site laundry services with daily laundry care.

Hair StylingA certified stylist provides hair care in our hair salon. Podiatry services can also be accessed within the Home. These services may be organized through our business office.

The Home encourages Residents' to personalize their room with items from home, within the limitations imposed by Fire and Safety Regulations. The resident and family can arrange private telephone and Cable Television upon admission or any time thereafter.

Meals and Convenience

LaPointe-Fisher Nursing Home offers a comprehensive meal service to all of its residents. We operate two dining rooms for the eating comfort and enjoyment of the residents.

The Home offers three meals a day, always with an alternative food choice. Three snacks are available to residents between meals and nutritional supplements or therapeutic interventions are provided based on an as need basis.

Likes, dislikes, ethnic foods, special diets and nutritional needs are assessed by our food Service Nutrition Manager and Registered Dietitian upon admission and are reviewed daily by our staff and reported to the Dietary department to make the changes that each resident requires quickly.

Lunch Time

Meals are prepared by our trained dietary staff and are delivered to each floor by a temperature regulated food cart. A four-week menu cycle is used and menu items are posted in each dining room for residents, families and visitors to view.

We celebrate special holiday meals and we encourage families to participate in meal service throughout the year. We ask that you try our menu items by purchasing a meal at any time to share with the Resident.

The dietary department works in conjunction with the activation department to provide special programs like pub nights, and the bacon and egg breakfast.